About Us

We are an Egyptian company with skilled staff of 29 persone and over 12 years of experience in the field of supply, maintenance and operation of production lines and machinery accessories.


supply Customer with production lines.


deploy Production lines.


maintenance production lines.

Our Services

We Have Electrical and Mechanical Services.

zos steel electronic


  • Electrical installation of production lines.
  • Design and installation of classic control and PLC.
  • Design and maintenance of electronic boards.
  • Operation, maintenance and modification of packaging machines.


  • Manufacturing of all production lines accessories.
  • Manufacturing of all belts and pulleys.
  • Manufacturing and installation of gables.
  • Supply of plants and production lines electrical and mechanical accessories.
zos steel mechanical

Our Previous Works

We are proud to serve our clients from around regions.



We deployed 8K with
the capacity of 2500 ton

in Lybia



we deployed a grindry with
the power of 200 ton/day

in DR Congo



We deployed 2 mills with
the power of 150 ton/day

in Lybia



We supplied a grindry with
the power of 10 ton/day

in Lattakia, Syria

  • Supply of a spaghetti production line, Ramallah, Palestine.
  • Supply of a noodles production line, Lattakia, Syria.
  • Maintenance of a pasta production lines, Al Mnaqil, Sudan.
  • Deployment of 4 production lines with the power of 10 ton/hr, Bayer Foods.
  • Deployment of 2pasta production lines with the power of 1500 kg/hr, Al Maraai, 6th October.
  • Deployment of a pasta production lines with the power of 1500 kg/hr, Delta Foods, Tanta.
  • Deployment of a pasta production lines with the power of 1300 kg/hr, Regina Foods, Sadat City.
  • Deployment of a mill golden flour Giza.
  • Supply of grindry, Al Gawahra.

Meet Our Customers

We Are Proude To Serve our customers.

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